Moments When Life Went Off-Script


Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardon


You have to watch this video to believe it—if you haven’t already. In November 2008, the week before Thanksgiving, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin appeared at a Wasilla turkey farm to take part in the time-honored tradition of pardoning a Thanksgiving turkey. It all went according to plan: Sarah lifted the 30-pound bird, declaring, “Oh, my God, it’s heavy,” and officially pardoned it before the cameras. But what followed was absolutely offensive, immoral, and nauseating. Sarah gives a follow-up interview, about what she’s thankful for this Thanksgiving—the continued health of her son, Track, who is serving in Iraq—as well as what it was like being John McCain’s running mate. While she blathers on obliviously for several minutes, behind her, turkeys are being violently slaughtered: hung upside down, decapitated, and bled. By a creepy guy who looks like he’s enjoying it. It’s unreal. He’s doing to the turkeys what Sarah did to the McCain campaign.

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